I just wanted to share a great (and ongoing) series of interviews by my best friend Adam Pal. Please take the time to listen to (at least) a few of the conversations - truly informative and entertaining (and family friendly).

"WELCOME to (PAL)m-cast NETWORK  : m is for Mmmm or multi media. I'm always learning , now with the social media I'm finding my reach using
A SHOW LIKE " LIVE FROM MY BEDROOM: ON THE ROAD"  (LFMB:On Locaation) as my Anchor (June 2014 - Nov 2014) proved through social medias' programs allowed a tweeking for reach and documentation.
A NETWORK  of Family Friendly, in the PALM of your hand, is an audio experience, located online and broadcasting through networks, promoting with a helping attitude, a FLY on the wall-style and open to all points of view. Offering a feeling of “being in” on my conversations of BEHIND the scenes.
SOCIAL MEDIA - Using interactive social media.  Emails, website and increase links to other sharing and a internet call to friends, friends of friends, interested parties, family and all welcome for listener-ship and sharing working technology."