Family portraits with four great families!

Family portraits can be challenging when there are young kids involved, but it is so satisfying to see the photos in the end! I am more than happy with the results.

Steve and Heather's group was great!

...Amanda and Stephen's family...

 ...and Mariecke (my sister) and Randall's clan...

...and last but not least, Faith and John's crew !

'Tis the get married!

Had the opportunity to photograph the special event for a wonderful couple. Thanks to Neng and Tanya for making me part of their special day!

These guys, and their friends and family are awesome - fantastic energy and love of life! This beautiful photo was taken on Friday night in the Miramichi - it was somewhere around -30 degrees C with the windchill, but they were brave enough to make it happen!

Theatre New Brunswick and Christmas just go together.

Just got back from watching the TNB production of Miracle on 34th Street with my wife Larissa. Made me smile - a lot. It is one thing to shoot the dress rehearsal, but I miss so much of the show while I am focused on capturing the visuals. Here are a few shots from this fantastic show filled with the spirit of Christmas....


Fun portrait shoot on the weekend!

Had a nice photo shoot with the Bursey family on the weekend on Odell park. Gotta love the leaves!

Theatre New Brunswick

TNB has been busy and already completed two productions so far this season. The first was ‘The Last Five Years’ (first 3 images) and the second was ‘Private Lives’ (last 3 images). Here are a few photos from the dress rehearsals.







Ebb and Flow of Photography

As the seasons change, so do my clients needs!

I just got the schedule from TNB of their upcoming season – should be great! Once again they have asked me to continue to capture their Dress Rehearsals – I can’t wait! They are a great group to work with, and stage photography is always a challenge as I have to balance changing lighting (usually low) with different angles to best capture and represent the performance.

Real Estate photos

Now that the Theatre / Playhouse seasons have wound down, the housing market has started to ramp up. I have been fairly busy shooting some great homes around Fredericton. They are especially nice with the trees full, the grass green and the flowers in bloom!

In the beginning...

Today is the day I try something new. Today is the day my 'website' is reborn using Blogger.

 I have had a traditional website for years now, it has become dated. I toyed with the idea that I should use Wordpress (as that seems the rage these days). In the end I moved it to a better hosting company as the last one caused me grief. The new one is no better (I won't bore you with the details).

 After all this little company of mine is a 'side' business, and so I decided to see about using some less expensive tools and format for declaring my presence on the world wide web. A little digging here, a little exploring there and voila! I believe I can create some semblance of a website using a blog site.