Theatre St. Thomas get's wild!

The latest production from TST was all about movement - The Bacchae. A classic Greek tragedy.

TNB - Little Women

Theatre New Brunswick's holiday production was Little Women - a fantastic production! It was a great show and a pleasure to photograph.

TNB - Vigil

Last October I had the opportunity to photograph a dark and very funny TNB production called Vigil. A man is called to help his aunt, who he hasn't seen in years, whose health is failing. In the end, he went to the wrong house....

Fall Colours

My fall colour photography was limited last year, but I did take time to stop for this fantastic scene. You certainly don't see this everyday.

Familiar Portrait

I was asked this past fall to take a portrait of Randall Leavitt, the People's Alliance candidate for Carleton riding. While he did not win, I thought he looked great on the signs!